My prayer is for you to know His grace and peace.

Pastor Denton Lester May is Mother’s Day month and may I wish all the mothers a happy and blessed day!

It seems that there are so many people today who have so many differing beliefs, and so many different attitudes. With every new day it seems there is a new tragedy, a new violent act, a new rage of anger and hatred. I was listening to a professor from a university in Toronto who was saying that the American political system is in danger of tearing our country apart because of the bitterness and hatred that goes on around our nation in response to the last presidential election. He said that so many people on the left have a deep hatred for the current president and that it goes beyond him to even the people who voted for him and support him, and that those people with these feelings of hatred let it play out in ways that are destructive and violent. It’s not a political problem.

The issue of left and right goes farther as it filters into the churches and religion itself. Sexual orientation and gender identity are hot button issues in all the denominations of the Christian church today. Are we to accept or not those who want the whole sexual definition to change? Is science right or is the Bible right? It’s not a sexual problem.

There is an increased sense of racial anger in our nation as well. There is an anger to do violence in situations today not seen in prior years. There is a hurtful anger in people today that is frightening. It’s not a racial problem.

"In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world.” John 16:33

Young people with a desire to hurt other young people in such violent ways impact the news almost daily. Guns are used in such violent displays of hatred and anger. People are blaming guns, and people who like guns and own guns are being targeted as problems. It’s not a gun problem.

There is a sense that mental illness is to blame in so many of these situations. People are hurting and turning to violence to express their hurt. The issue goes way beyond politics or religion or race or anger or mental illness. The issue is the devil, Satan himself, he is the ruler of this world, this age, and we are seeing it firsthand.

“For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men who suppress the truth in unrighteousness” (Romans 1:18). The truth is that God has given over those who so desire to live by the lusts of their own hearts with no regard for God and His ways. Remember it has been said that the problem started when prayer and Bible reading were removed from our schools and from the public place because we didn’t want God interfering with our lives. The people of this nation don’t need God any longer. We have everything we could want. Jesus told us that the world will love you if you are part of the world, it only will hate you when you align yourself with Him. “They will do these things because they have not known the Father, nor Me” (John 16:3).

There really is nothing that the government can do to solve the problems of this world. The courts can’t keep violent people from doing violent things to each other or to innocent people in the way. The doctors and hospitals cannot eradicate the mental illness that is plaguing the land. The churches cannot save this world until they get the truth back in their sanctuaries. What America and the world need is revival, a fresh awaking of the Spirit of God in hearts of the people. Until the people of this great nation get down on their knees and seek the Lord, the devil will continue to have his way. Remember in Jeremiah God says that “you will seek Me and find Me when you search for Me with all your heart.” How can we be so blinded to the truth that we don’t see the great, great need for repentance and seeking the face of God? The problem is we need Him, and we don’t know it. We will not solve any of our problems until we recognize that we are the problem and God is the answer. Pray with me that we would be revived.

See you in church!

Pastor Denton

May 2018