May the grace and peace of Jesus Christ rest upon and stay with each of you.
My prayers are of you and may all be well with you, and with your soul.

Pastor Denton Lester Recently I read a devotion about summer vacations and the idea that the summer freedom and fun sort of lends to the tendency of skimping on prayer and devotion time as well as worship and praise. The author of the devotion said that we should not “replace Christ this summer with trifles.” I have written several times myself at this time of year with a focus of not forgetting worship, attendance and matters of faith as we enjoy the summer joys. I guess the author of the devotion and my thoughts were both on the idea of commitment.

I guess we are all committed to something. Each of us has something that is important in our life that seems to take precedence over everything else. For some it is their spouse and family, for some it is their job, for some it is their free time, sports, relaxation, or something else. Each person has something that is important to him/her and he/she is committed to it. Commitment is an excellent attribute, and it is important to success no matter what our aspirations are. But the opposite of commitment is lack of commitment, and we all know what would happen if we put any of the areas already mentioned into that category. Just imagine what would happen to our families, to our relationship with our spouses if we had an attitude of non-commitment. How about our job. How long would we have it? What kind of grades and future results could be had from a lack of commitment to study? If we are an athlete and we are not committed to training and preparing, what is the result? Even with free time and relaxation. If we are not committed to making time for these things, they are lost and gone from our lives. Commitment in our lives should be constant. If we let down our commitment even for a moment, it is realized in all that we are about.

“the words of

eternal life.”

John 6:68

When Jesus said to those who were to be His disciples, “Follow Me,” He meant that He wanted them to be committed to Him and His way. When they chose to follow Him, it meant that they left their nets, their boats, their tax booths, and whatever else they had been doing. They were to no longer be committed to them and fully committed to Christ. When Jesus asks us to follow Him, He is saying it to us with the same passion. If we choose to follow Him, we are to be fully committed to Him and Him only. Following Him means that we believe who He is, and He becomes our lives commitment. When people are not fully committed, they find reasons to turn away. They find excuses. Jesus said, “He who eats My flesh and drinks My blood has eternal life” John 6:54. He means that we must be fully committed to Him, as if He is actually in us. Then He will be in us as the Father is in Him. He is the bread of life, and whoever eats this bread shall live forever.

I guess I should have started with the question, who wants to live forever? We all say we do. By our actions sometimes we must know, we look like those who turned away saying this is too hard. Who can do it? Yet those who were committed, His disciples, said, “Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life” John 6:68.

Is your relationship with Jesus one of full commitment or of no commitment? You know the answer better than anyone else. Besides He knows you better than you know yourself. He knows to what or whom you are committed. Commitment sounds like a word that requires too much effort. So some take a middle of the road approach, saying I will but only so far. Remember how that impacts every other part of your life and other relationships. Everything suffers from a lack of commitment. Remember that He is looking for you on Sunday mornings even more than anyone else because He knows to what or whom you are committed and to what you are not.

The writer of the devotion said, “Don’t let the coming summer make your soul shrivel, God made summer as a foretaste of heaven, not a substitute.”

Be committed all summer long. See you in church,

Pastor Denton

June 2018